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Places of Worship

Variable Definitions:
Places of Worship: The number of places of worship in a given area, including churches, temples, synagogues, mosques, and shrines

Google Maps API

Years Available:

Methodology Note:

The original data comes at the point level. Our team spatial joined each point to 2020 Census Tracts based on Google Maps provided coordinates. Businesses are filtered based on having a “currently operational” status and being tagged as a “place of worship” on Google Maps.

Why are these variables important to measure?

Houses of religion can serve as a focal point for community activity and social interaction, bringing people together for shared events. They can also provide a sense of belonging for individuals, particularly for those who share a common faith or cultural heritage. 
Houses of religion can also play a critical role in community efforts. For example, houses of religion can serve as outreach centers to confront local challenges and relief centers in the event of natural disasters. Understanding the number and distribution of houses of religion can provide insight into the cohesion of a community and its resources. 
For more about local places of worship in South Los Angeles, please visit here.
Written by Matt Vaughn

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