Civic Support Enterprise

Through our Civic Support Enterprise, the NDSC Team provides pro bono data support services such as rapid response research, data analyses, and custom visualizations to local community partners. The Civic Support Enterprise allows partners to use the resources available on NDSC in deeper and more expansive ways to better plan and implement programs, fundraise, and communicate the impact of their work.

If you or your agency are interested in receiving support from the NDSC Civic Support Enterprise, please contact NDSC Systems & Data Manager Elly Schoen at to learn more. We look forward to working with new and existing partners to find innovative ways to use data to advocate for a better quality of life in our communities.

Featured Project

Equitable Recovery from COVID-19 in South Los Angeles

During the pandemic, South LA was one of the most impacted areas in Los Angeles County, consequently the response and recovery needs to be proportional, equitable, and a coordinated effort on behalf of service providers, community members, philanthropy, and local government. This report provides deep insight into the impact of COVID, and data-driven recommendations for recovery.

The South LA community has always been resilient with a rich history of culture and a cultural center. To recover from decades of disinvestment compounded by the pandemic, an equitable long-term strategy is needed to remove barriers to prosperity.

Previous Featured Projects


Economic & Financial Education for Students

Created for the California Council for Economic Education

Delivering Literacy in Southern California

Created for the Book Truck

Climate Change in the Gateway Cities

Created for the Gateway Cities Council of Governments

Ellis Act Evictions in the Slauson Corridor

Created for the South LA Climate Commons

Small Business Lending Inequities During COVID-19

Created for the L.A. Local Development Corporation 

Landlord/Tenant Disputes in the City of LA

Created for the LA Renters Right to Counsel Coalition

Risk Factors for Recidivism

Created for the Office of Diversion & Re-Entry 

Landlord Harassment & Illegal Eviction

Created for the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE) Institute

Equitable Recovery from COVID-19 in South Los Angeles

Created For The Coalition for Responsible Community Development

Map of High Poverty Areas in Los Angeles County

Created for the Los Angeles Local Development Corporation (LDC)

Mapping the Areas of High Need for Grant Distribution

Created for The Doheny Foundation

Transformative Climate Communities Report

Created for the South Los Angeles Climate Commons

To learn more about the variety of projects the NDSC team is able to perform to help your agency, explore our full list of projects or read testimonials from partner agencies.

Partner Testimonials

The NDSC Civic Support Enterprise is made possible through leadership support from the JPMorgan Chase Foundation.

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